The South Kent Wind Community Fund

Pattern Canada and Samsung are committed to finding ways to expand project benefits for the communities where we operate. Acting on this commitment, the South Kent Wind (SKW) project established the SKW Community Fund that is administered by the Chatham Kent Community Foundation and helps build strong and vibrant communities in the Municipality of Chatham-Kent. The Chatham Kent Community Foundation is accepting grant applications for the 2021 spring funding cycle.  The application deadline is on March 31, 2021. While all applications are welcome, the Foundation will continue giving priority to applicants with the most urgent needs.

South Kent Wind contributed an initial one million dollars to establish the SKW Community Fund Endowment in 2013 and will donate an additional ten million dollars over the next twenty years, with a portion of the annual contribution going into the endowment and a portion going directly to fund grants. This allows the SKW Community Fund to continue creating significant impacts for many generations to come.

Funds are distributed among five areas of giving through a grant process to charitable and qualifying non-profit organizations in support of capital, operating and special one-time costs for facilities, programs and events. Grant applications are evaluated bi-annually by a committee of seven members from the Chatham-Kent community and The Chatham Kent Community Foundation.

The South Kent Wind Community Fund will support community resilience and prosperity through each of the following areas:

  • Community: Initiatives that inspire local community spirit and engagement, including through community events and beautification projects.
  • Environment: Initiatives that enhance community action on ecological preservation, restoration, land stewardship and education.
  • Health and Wellness: Initiatives that are working proactively on fostering individual and community health and wellness.
  • Youth and Education: Initiatives that are working to meet the needs of children and youth development through education, recreation and safety.
  • First Nations and Métis: Initiatives benefiting First Nations and Métis whose traditional territory is within Chatham-Kent, with emphasis on causes that support cultural awareness, the environment, health and wellness, and youth and education.

SKW Community Fund Supports the CKCF COVID-19 Relief Fund

The South Kent Wind Community Fund grant program was suspended in 2020 and replaced with the COVID-19 Relief Fund.  Below is the list of recipients. 

With support from SKW Community Fund and others, the CKCF COVID-19 Relief Fund helps to continue access to mental health services, expand on-line learning, provide transportation, shelter and food for those who are most vulnerable and ensure continued support during this uncertain time. Here's what some of the grant recipients had to say:

“We are grateful for the support of the Chatham-Kent Community Foundation and the South Kent Wind Community Fund. This generous contribution will support the real heroes of this crisis, our frontline healthcare workers, by helping to provide them with the necessary equipment and supplies. Donations like this truly underscore how we are all in this together.” – Mary Lou Crowley, President & CEO, Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Foundation.

“We are so appreciative to CK Community Foundation and the South Kent Wind Community Fund for this grant, especially during this COVID-19 crisis. We will use the funds to cover the cost of our linen service, a vital service that helps us maintain our high infection control standards and offer our residents the comfort they deserve. With the high level of uncertainty we are operating in right now, this donation means a lot!” – Jodi Maroney, Executive Director, Chatham-Kent Hospice Foundation.

“Once again, the Children’s Treatment Centre Foundation would like to thank the CKCF and South Kent Wind for supporting efforts to help the families of Children with Disabilities in Chatham-Kent. Our families, like most, are being hard hit during this pandemic, and this money will help support them during this time.” – Mike Genge, President, Children’s Treatment Centre Foundation.

“Thank you so much! This will help more than you know. We have an amazing community, and together we will conquer this virus.” – Brenda LeClair, Executive Director, Chatham Outreach For Hunger.

“The Board of Directors and the CKCHC extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for this important financial assistance to support our clients and families during this challenging time.” – Sherri Saunders, Executive Director, Chatham-Kent Community Health Centres.

“Thanks so much. Your gift will affect many vulnerable people in our community.” – Kelly Gottschling, Executive Director, Mental Health Network of Chatham-Kent.