Fast Facts

270 MW wind energy generation facility with 124 Siemens turbines
Clean, renewable energy to power approximately 100,000 Ontario homes
Estimated $16 million in property taxes generated over 20 year contract period
12-month construction period
Average of 300 workers on-site throughout project construction and approximately 500 workers during peak construction periods
20 permanent jobs during operations, in addition to local contractors
Project area: approximately 68,000 acres
Surface area affected during operations: 130 acres, 0.2% of total project area

South Kent Wind utilizes 124 Siemens 2.3 MW wind turbines with blades and towers that were made in Ontario. Siemens’ turbine blade facility in Tillsonburg manufactured the blades and CS Wind’s facility in Windsor manufactured the turbine towers using steel from Ontario.

South Kent Wind created more than 500 jobs during construction and has more than 20 full-time staff for ongoing operations and maintenance. A total of 99% of the workforce was comprised of workers from Ontario, who were involved in every aspect of the South Kent Wind project – from manufacture and assembly of the wind turbine components to site construction, installation work and facility operations.