Significantly contributes to tax base with estimated $800,000 annually benefiting:

  • Municipality of Chatham-Kent
  • Lambton-Kent District Schools

Contributes to community with commitments for the life of the project:

  • The South Kent Wind Community Fund is administered by the Chatham Kent Community Foundation and will contribute approximately $250,000 to local charitable organizations each year in perpetuity. 
  • Funds are distributed among five areas of giving through a grant process and support capital, operating and special one-time costs for facilities, programs and events. 
  • A committee consisting of seven members from the Chatham-Kent community and the Chatham Kent Community Foundation evaluate grant applications bi-annually.

Creates job opportunities:

  • There was an average of 300 workers on-site throughout project construction and over 500 workers during peak construction periods.
  • Our operating team employees more than 20 permanent positions.